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Scribe and Microsoft CRM

Hello All,

It’s a while since I last had written something – but I’d like to share some experience about Scribe which I have worked a lot with the last few months on various projects.

Project 1:
I have completed a standard data migration for a Polish afdelig of a larger drug company, however I ran into Scribe’s unicode problem position because they do not support unicode characters above 255.

Solution was that I converted data to ANSI and made a general data import, after the data was entered in CRM I imported the Polish data again directly into some shadow tables and update all text with the correct values with T-SQL. That way I could keep the correct data structure for CRM and keep the Polish characters.

Project 2:
For a second branch in the same company, I made both a data integration with data from aPureBase and data migration from their hosted Microsoft CRM 4.0.

There have been some challenges because the data structure and organization of data was different in the systems but that succeeds in the end and am working on transferring the data to their production environment now.

Project 3:
This project is probably one of the largest Microsoft CRM 2011 projects in EU with potentially 30K + users. In this project I make a lot of data import and export for XML files, and make 2-way integration with SAP XI – yes – SAP IX…and it’s working, look here at the page from Scribe where they tell about it. (http://www.scribesoft.com/sap/)

This project also had the unicode issue as we had Polish characters, but I have together with Scribe and my teammates found a way that makes it possible to use Scribe with unicode, and it is 100% supported with Microsoft CRM. Official Scribe says that they do not support unicode over 255 before the next version in Q4. BUT they do! – and they should not hide it :-).

A brief description of the unicode solution:
There are 2 data entry angles: XML files and CSV files.

What I did was to get everything into a MSMQ in XML format, so we built a tool that dynamically convert a csv to XML and upload it to an MSMQ.

When it lies in MSMQ start another tool which run as windows service that converts all text fields to base64 and then move the file to ‘Scribe In’ MSMQ.

Scribe treats the file like any other XML file, however all text inside it is base64 so it makes no sense to us humans …

When Scribe upload data to CRM, my colleague built a plugin that convert all text back to Unicode and wupti it all looks OK again.

It is a huge project and there are probably a lot of wonderful challenges in the future.

To learn more about Scribe and Unicode let me know and I’ll describe the deeper

Beside that yesterday I tried Scribe Online Replication…..this is gonna be a great product then they later this year gonna have 2-ways integration – and I can’t wait to try that it’s gonna rock my world :-)

Have fun out there with Scribe and Microsoft CRM

Best regards,

Anders Jeppesen

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