So this is the day with the great news, I’m now a Scribe MVP :-)

The reason for my absence on the blog is also because of Scribe asI have been working on a huge integration between:
– Microsoft CRM 2011 and SAP
– Microsoft CRM 2011 and the National Health Insurance in Poland.
We are almost done now and should finish within the next 2 weeks, that should leave some more time to actually share my knowledge with you all.

So for my planing the next couble of blog post I have made this list:
– SAP Intergration in details
– Unicode handling
– Developed tool made to get it all working

Beside that I will startup the work on a template Microsoft Dynamics C5 as I have a handfull of customers this is interesting for, that will also be described in detail when I get over the finish line :-)

So for now stay tuned this blog is not dead (yet) next post will come in 2 weeks.

And as allway you are welcome if you should have any questions to the solutions I have made or just to Scribe Insight or Microsoft CRM then I will be more than happy to help you out.

Kind regards,


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