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Validate email address with T-SQL and regular expressions

I needed an easy way of validation email addresses in a SQL database, this is the outcome from it: –Select all records in the entity select id, name, emailaddress from table1 –The except compare the two dataset and output the difference EXCEPT –Select all records in the entity again now with the expression on select…

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nov 1 blog

Using Laptop as a accesspoint

Hi, Just for sharing…..I have been in a hotel a couble of days with only wired internet, so there was no internet for my Iphone and Ipad But it’s quite easy to use the laptop as a accesspoint just follow this guide from: Windows 7 Open the StartMenu. Click Control Panel. Click Network and…

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Scribe Integration using unicode and MSMQ queues

SCENARIO The issue with Scribe and unicode is right now that it’s not supported using the standard engine. That means that for example Russian and Polish letters will be auto converted into ANSI which in many cases becomes nonsense….but wait…..continue reading and you will get the solution on to solve this and still being able…

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aug 13 blog blogger code syntax

Need to insert code with syntax high lighting?

I found this tool from there is doing the job.

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