MS CRM Geo Code handling

jan 5 blog Microsoft CRM

MS CRM Geo Code handling

I needed to lookup GEO codes based on address informations on Accounts and Contacts in CRM in a recently.

My solution ended up as a workflow activity.

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jan 21 anders jeppesen blog Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 Scribe T-SQL

Issues when importing attachments with Scribe to CRM?

I became aware that when doing a normal Query against a SQL database with my binary attachment data like SELECT * FROM ATTACHMENTS It only took the first 128K of data from the column with the binary….that’s an issue when there is attachments in the size of 5+ MB :-). The solution was to break…

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apr 22 blog Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM 2011 how to set the IFD timeout with Powershell

Nice post about how to set the timeout on a ADFS enabled Microsoft CRM 2011 IFD environment:

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mar 16 anders jeppesen blog Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 Scribe scripts T-SQL

Monitor Microsoft CRM Async log with Scribe

Use the script below to monitor the entries you have in the async log – you can make some rules based on how many days it have been waiting etc. SELECT TOP (10000), MAIN_FilteredAsyncOperation.operationtypename, MAIN_FilteredAsyncOperation.statuscodename, (SELECT DATEDIFF(DAY, startedonutc, GETDATE()) FROM FilteredAsyncOperation WITH(NOLOCK)WHERE asyncoperationid = MAIN_FilteredAsyncOperation.asyncoperationid) AS DayDurationInQueue ,CONVERT(char(10),startedonutc,126) AS DateEnteredQueue FROM FilteredAsyncOperation AS MAIN_FilteredAsyncOperation…

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mar 14 anders jeppesen blog Microsoft CRM Scribe

Nice free tool for MSMQ handling including seaching inside the content of the messages

I have been using this Tool for some time now when I needed to build and debug Scribe solutions and needed to create test data quite easy. There is 4 key featues I find awesome: Easy browsing through the MSMQ on the server or on a remote server Option to push a XML directly into the…

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mar 13 anders jeppesen blog Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 Scribe scripts T-SQL

HOW TO Lookup Scribe CRM adapter error messages in MSMQ based integration

OOTB it’s not possible to see the complete error message from the CRM API if you get an error in your integrations using the Scribe Console API. But the call stack is in the system, hidden inside the SCRIBEINTERNAL database. WHO TO: Open the SCRIBEINTERNAL database from SQL Studio Manager Navigate to views and Query…

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aug 13 anders jeppesen blog Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 Scribe scripts T-SQL

Check for missing index on SQL database

To get an indicator on the missing index’s on your SQL you can use the script below. It’s taken from this the MS BlogURL: SELECT migs.avg_total_user_cost * (migs.avg_user_impact / 100.0) * (migs.user_seeks + migs.user_scans) AS improvement_measure, ‘CREATE INDEX [missing_index_’ + CONVERT (varchar, mig.index_group_handle) + ‘_’ + CONVERT (varchar, mid.index_handle) + ‘_’ + LEFT (PARSENAME(mid.statement,…

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jul 21 anders jeppesen base64 blog Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 PI / XI SAP SAP PI SAP XI Scribe unicode

Scribe Integration using unicode and MSMQ queues

SCENARIO The issue with Scribe and unicode is right now that it’s not supported using the standard engine. That means that for example Russian and Polish letters will be auto converted into ANSI which in many cases becomes nonsense….but wait…..continue reading and you will get the solution on to solve this and still being able…

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maj 15 anders jeppesen Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 office Outlook 2003

[MICROSOFT DYNAMIC 2011] Nice to know about client rollout (Made to kick start the IT department)

Hi All, I have made a simple document regarding Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011 Roll-out it will also apply to Microsoft Dynamic 4.0. It’s based on informations collected from other articles and based on my work with Microsoft CRM. I hope you will enjoy. This is the link to the PDF: /Anders Jeppesen

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maj 10 anders jeppesen integration Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 SAP Scribe unicode

Scribe MVP – What's next :-)

So this is the day with the great news, I’m now a Scribe MVP The reason for my absence on the blog is also because of Scribe asI have been working on a huge integration between:– Microsoft CRM 2011 and SAP– Microsoft CRM 2011 and the National Health Insurance in Poland.We are almost done now and should…

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