nov 8 blog scripts SQL Reports T-SQL

Validate email address with T-SQL and regular expressions

I needed an easy way of validation email addresses in a SQL database, this is the outcome from it: –Select all records in the entity select id, name, emailaddress from table1 –The except compare the two dataset and output the difference EXCEPT –Select all records in the entity again now with the expression on select…

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okt 22 Microsoft CRM SQL Reports T-SQL Table of contents TOC

Create Table of contents (TOC) in SQL Reports

Hi all, This night I finished a advanced report with with table of contents with page numbers of cause it’s all dynamics and data is feeded from a Microsoft CRM database but that could be any data source if needed. The scenario is that my customer needed to print product brochere diretly from inside of…

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sep 11 Microsoft CRM SQL Reports T-SQL

Check if file excist in SQL report

Hi, I needed a script to check if a picture file excist for use in my data set. This is the normal SQL script: But that will not work from inside the report manager, but if you build it into a function on the sql server it will work. Normally when I build my own…

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