apr 19 blog

Do you also forget where 32 bit ODBC is on a 64 bit server

Hi, I keep forgetting where the 32 bit version of ODBC is on a 64 bit server….so for my own memory and maybe someone else could have use of it This is the path: C:WindowsSysWOW64odbcad32.exe Microsoft Support have written a long story about if you should feel the need to read about it http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942976  

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apr 18 blog

T-SQL Get a quick overview of the sizing in SQL Database Version 2

From my yesterday post I found a more detailed version at getting the overview:

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apr 17 blog

T-SQL Get a quick overview of the sizing in SQL Database

Use the Script below to get a quick overview of the table size in you DB: select OBJECT_NAME(object_id), SUM(reserved_page_count) / 128 as ReservedMB, sum(used_page_count) / 128 as UsedMB, MAX(row_count) AS Records from sys.dm_db_partition_stats group by object_id order by SUM(reserved_page_count) desc

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apr 16 blog

Lookup Security Identifier (SID) in Windows

Run the command below in a prompt:   wmic useraccount get name,sid

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apr 15 blog

Microsoft CRM and SPN

It’s always important to configure this correct from the start….. Check this blog : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/crminthefield/archive/2012/12/20/crm-2011-service-principal-names-spn-generation-and-usage.aspx And also check the Excel file there will do all the Work for you Setup SPNs

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apr 12 blog

Nice post about configuration of kerberos

Check it out:  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/crm/archive/2012/09/19/enabling-kerberos-for-microsoft-dynamics-crm-2011.aspx    

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apr 11 blog

Remember to take care of your CRM database and enviroment

Have a look on the white paper from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=27139  

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apr 10 blog

Powershell and MSMQ – Query SQL and push data directly into MSMQ in XML format

With the script below it’s possible to push data directly from an SQL Query into a MSMQ: [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“System.Messaging”); $queueName = ‘.Private$test'; ##Define you MSMQ here! $msgLabel = ‘Message label'; ##Define your label here! #SQL Statement $SQLServer = “ANJEP-SQL” #use ServerInstance for named SQL instances! $SQLDBName = “Fakedemodata” $SqlQuery = ” SELECT TOP 100 (SELECT TOP…

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apr 9 blog

SQL query with output in XML format

I’m using the sql script below to Query SQL and get the output in XML in a generic way – it’s also possible to include the schema in XSD format by uncomment line 10. Script is just a sample based on data from a datafile from Fakename Generator, modify it for your data source: SELECT…

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apr 8 blog

PowerShell and MSMQ – Query SQL database and output DataSet to XML

Use the script below to Query a SQL database with powershell and output the data in XML format: $SQLServer = “ANJEP-SQL” #use ServerInstance for named SQL instances! $SQLDBName = “Fakedemodata” $SqlQuery = ” SELECT TOP 10 (SELECT TOP 1 * FROM FakeNameGenerator AS SUB WHERE SUB.Number = MAIN.Number FOR XML RAW (‘Contact’), root(‘Contacts’), ELEMENTS XSINIL…

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