nov 8 blog scripts SQL Reports T-SQL

Validate email address with T-SQL and regular expressions

I needed an easy way of validation email addresses in a SQL database, this is the outcome from it: –Select all records in the entity select id, name, emailaddress from table1 –The except compare the two dataset and output the difference EXCEPT –Select all records in the entity again now with the expression on select…

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nov 1 blog

Using Laptop as a accesspoint

Hi, Just for sharing…..I have been in a hotel a couble of days with only wired internet, so there was no internet for my Iphone and Ipad But it’s quite easy to use the laptop as a accesspoint just follow this guide from: Windows 7 Open the StartMenu. Click Control Panel. Click Network and…

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jul 21 anders jeppesen base64 blog Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 PI / XI SAP SAP PI SAP XI Scribe unicode

Scribe Integration using unicode and MSMQ queues

SCENARIO The issue with Scribe and unicode is right now that it’s not supported using the standard engine. That means that for example Russian and Polish letters will be auto converted into ANSI which in many cases becomes nonsense….but wait…..continue reading and you will get the solution on to solve this and still being able…

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jul 16 anders jeppesen integration Microsoft CRM 2011 PI / XI SAP SAP PI SAP XI Scribe unicode

Scribe Integration between Microsoft CRM 2011 and SAP XI or PI

SCENARIOThe customer required 2-way integration between Microsoft CRM 2011 and SAP XI (During the project XI was upgraded to PI without impact on the Scribe solution).In this case we have SAP as master data for the Accounts and Products, and CRM as calculation engine for the payout to their partners.To have the same communication format…

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jun 10 anders jeppesen code Scribe scripts vbs

VBS Script for moving files to a network share with credentials

Hi, I have made this script who is moving all files in folder A into folder B or a network share. The special thing here is that you are able to logon to the share is you don’t have a trust between domains or if it’s to unix, samba, etc. shares. If the destination and…

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maj 15 anders jeppesen Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 office Outlook 2003

[MICROSOFT DYNAMIC 2011] Nice to know about client rollout (Made to kick start the IT department)

Hi All, I have made a simple document regarding Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011 Roll-out it will also apply to Microsoft Dynamic 4.0. It’s based on informations collected from other articles and based on my work with Microsoft CRM. I hope you will enjoy. This is the link to the PDF: /Anders Jeppesen

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maj 10 anders jeppesen integration Microsoft CRM Microsoft CRM 2011 SAP Scribe unicode

Scribe MVP – What's next :-)

So this is the day with the great news, I’m now a Scribe MVP The reason for my absence on the blog is also because of Scribe asI have been working on a huge integration between:– Microsoft CRM 2011 and SAP– Microsoft CRM 2011 and the National Health Insurance in Poland.We are almost done now and should…

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jan 13 anders jeppesen base64 Microsoft CRM 2011 SAP Scribe T-SQL unicode

Scribe and Microsoft CRM

Hello All, It’s a while since I last had written something – but I’d like to share some experience about Scribe which I have worked a lot with the last few months on various projects. Project 1:I have completed a standard data migration for a Polish afdelig of a larger drug company, however I ran…

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okt 22 Microsoft CRM SQL Reports T-SQL Table of contents TOC

Create Table of contents (TOC) in SQL Reports

Hi all, This night I finished a advanced report with with table of contents with page numbers of cause it’s all dynamics and data is feeded from a Microsoft CRM database but that could be any data source if needed. The scenario is that my customer needed to print product brochere diretly from inside of…

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okt 17 c# Microsoft CRM WFA Workflows

Find day af week from date

Hi, I was playing around with a workflow where needed to have different functions depending what day of week it was. So I manage to find some old code there actual worked. I compiled the WFA and registered it into CRM and the magic happend I was feeding it with the run date of the workflow,…

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