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Experiences Sharing: Integration between SAP (Unix) and Microsoft CRM

Hi All,

This week I was in Germany at a customer there needed to make a 2 way integration between SAP (Unix) and Microsoft CRM.

Together with the SAP XI people from the customer we together managed to get it working with a message flow from SAP XI into the message queue in windows where my Scribe solution would take care of the xml message and the other way back to the XI queue – all in XML format.

So if someone is struggling with this issue I have the way to make it working just let me know if you need some help.

There is rumors that the next version of XI witch will be PI will support integration directly into Microsoft CRM…BUT I’m not sure about this ANd it will be version 1 something next year, so I’m not sure how it’s gonna work and how the performance will be.

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